On November 1st,  2016 a small group of concerned citizens were invited to tour the Kings Bay Restoration project currently being preformed in Crystal River Florida.  The tour was very impressive.  We were hooked.  We wanted this for our river.  A process that would vacuum and clean our river. Removing the Lyngbya, separate the algae and other organic material from the water, filtering the water and returning it to the river.  Replanting native plants.  Clean Clear Water. The change was dramatic. 

On December the 7th, 2016 we invited the public to the Homosassa Civic Association building to view a  presentation by Gator Dredging the company being used by Crystal River.  Over 60 additional concerned Citizens attended and the momentum grew, everyone was excited.  

 We immediately began putting together a board of directors,  voted on a president, vice-president, secretary and treasurer and filed as a non-profit corporation with the State Of Florida. 

We have met with Senator Wilton Simpson he backs and supports our efforts.  We have filed an appropriations request with the State of Florida to obtain start up funding  that will pay for the required feasibility studies, surveys and permitting.  We traveled to Tallahassee  on 2/8/17 to speak before the Appropriations Subcommittee of Environment and Natural Resources. 

As our group waits for state funding we are working on  putting together educational materials and planning community outreach for local funding.  We grow and learn each day.  We are willing to volunteer our time to make this project a success.   Thank you for your support. 

Homosassa River Restoration Project Inc.